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Sundays are
A little bit different here at Grants

We move away from our traditional menu in spring until winter, and introduce our sharing platters.

Fantastic, high quality ingredients, sourced both locally and from abroad.


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The Ploughmans

Our Ploughman's Lunch is made with top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Quality ham and pork pies from our local butcher, market cheese and fresh produce, along with our baked today  focaccia bread ensure you're getting only the very best.

A perfect full meal for two, or as a snack for 3/4.

The taco sharer

Combining a range of fresh cut salad items with a rich wagyu chilli and fried chicken make this sharer a great interactive meal that will hit all the right spots. Tangy, spicy and fresh.

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The Italian Job

Indulge in the rich flavours of Italy with our exquisite Italian platter. Delectable antipasti and delicious meats take you on a culinary journey that captures the essence of Italy perfectly.

Cheese heaven

5 delicious market cheeses, hand made butter and a range of chutneys and biscuits make an indulgent treat for those with a yearning for cheese

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